Tony Dreger and Regina Sagal-Hendry will watch as all of the ballots are counted again the Moose Jaw Civic Election.


Its time for the counting machines to get warmed up because Election Recount Day has arrived in Moose Jaw.

Tony Dreger has requested a recount after failing to be re-elected to City Council by just 15 votes. "I guess I'm looking forward to seeing what it all in tales and listen to what the judges has to say and seeing how long until we find out what the final outcome will be."

Regina Sagal-Hendry claimed the 6th and final spot in the election. "I'm a little bit anxious. There's only 15 votes between us and there are 30 votes that are in question. The mistake could have been made anywhere along there so I think there's a bigger chance that the results could change. Maybe not by 15 votes but they could change."

The recount starts at 11:00 Monday morning at City Hall in front of a Queen's Bench Judge.