Moose Jaw City Council gave the green light for the New Southern Plains Metis Local 160 to install a Red River Cart at Tourism Moose Jaw's information centre.

The proposal was brought forward by the city's Public Art Committee. It had been approached by the New Southern Plains Metis Local 160 to construct and install the full-size Red River Cart to raise awareness of the Metis people who lived on the Northern Plains.

The project would include signage explaining the history of the Metis people and the significance that the carts played in the development of a trail system during the development of the West before railways and highways.

The plan is to have the signage in Michef, English and French with QR codes for visitors who speak other languages. The Public Art Committee and the New Southern Plains Metis Local 160 are expected to continue consultations for the wording and design of the signage.

As for the exact location at the Tourism Moose Jaw site, that will be determined by the city's Parks and Recreation Department with consultations with Tourism Moose Jaw.

Funding for the project would lie solely on the New Southern Plains Metis Local 160 as the project is estimated to cost $15,250 for the cart, site development and signage. The cart, itself, would be built out of metal instead of wood to protect it against vandalism.

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