For the last week many officials have been giving praise to a group of volunteers across the province. 

Each schools staff and Moose Jaw Police Service provide supervision for the students offering their time to the safety patrolling program and to the students utilizing it.

From April 30th to May 4th, students within Moose Jaw and around Saskatchewan were recognized for their efforts while they were safety patrolling the intersections around their schools so that classmates and other students could cross safely. 

"Safety patrolling is when four of us go out in bright yellow vests, put out stop signs and make sure kids can cross safely," said Grade 8 student at Sacred Heart Elementary School, Hannah Beheil. "The best part about safety patrolling was... there's this one kid who comes almost everyday and he says thank you. He's one of the only ones who does and it just makes you feel so happy." 

Her classmate a fellow patroller, Jaycee Kukura, agreed that the reason they do it is to keep children safe, but they also like to keep it light and fun while they work.

"So they can be safe crossing the streets after school, my favourite part was going out in the cold with my friends and making jokes about it," said Kukura. 

Along with CAA and the province, the Moose Jaw Police Service are a big help to students in the program as they help with training the young volunteers and oversee the hard work they put in throughout the year.

"We partner with CAA to help the students and to help them follow the proper protocols to make sure they're safe. Also so that pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic all understand what's going on, so there isn't any confusion and that everyone's safe," said Constable Kyle Cunningham with the Police Service. "We really appreciate the students volunteering their time, through the snow, the rain and heat they're out here slugging it out everyday that there's school and we really appreciate their efforts in keeping their classmates and schoolmates safe."

From nine schools in Moose Jaw, the students involved with safety patrolling throughout the school year were able to enjoy one of two jamborees in Regina this week at the Science Centre.