Farmers are busy finalizing plans for the upcoming growing season.

With that in mind, a reminder for producers that the Ministry of Agriculture is once again looking for people to be volunteer crop reporters.

Crops Extension Specialist McKenzie Hladun says all volunteers will receive a welcome package with all the information.

"You'll receive a booklet of questions, a rain gauge, and a calendar to help you track your rain. Then every Tuesday or Wednesday, you will phone in, or you can fill out the survey online and submit your information. This usually takes about five to 10 minutes per week. All that we really ask for is what's going on in your community. There's no pressure, there's no requirement to answer every question. You can leave questions blank."

The information is then compiled into the weekly report that is released each Thursday throughout the growing season. 

Hladun says this year marks the 50th anniversary of the program.

"The crop report is really an industry-standard in reporting on agriculture progress within the province. Of course, we gather all kinds of high-quality data from seeding progress, to harvest progress, yield and grades,  hay and pasture, soil moisture, and everything in between."

Anyone interested in filling a crop reporter position can contact the Rural Service Centre in their area or the Ag Knowledge Centre in Moose Jaw at  1-866-457-2377.