SaskPower recently finished up their smart meter pilot project, which was designed to meet the needs of specific customers. 

The results are in and SaskPower officials are pleased with what they see, as the smart meters operate as planned. They helped to identify small improvements that could be made to the business processes and the communication network between meters.

"Back in the fall we rolled out our pilot project for commercial and industrial smart meters. We installed them on about 484 sites in total and it's broken up between oil field customers, and also SaskPower and SaskEnergy sites as well," explained Jordan Jackle, SaskPower Spokesperson.

With a strong momentum built up, they'll be moving forward and integrating even more customers into the existing project.

"From here, we're moving into the expanded pilot. We're installing 7,500 commercial and industrial customers [who] will see those meters installed on their sites across the province, that'll be happen in the next few months."

Despite all the good news, it wasn't that long ago that smart meters in residential areas were causing house fires back in 2014. Jackle said there's been vigorous testing and planning and they don't have a plan to install them on homes just yet.

"It is the eventual plan, but we don't have a timeline attached to that right now. We're working to find a meter that would be suitable for doing just that. Safety being our top priority, we're running it through our own slate of tests and working with the industry to develop a meter that meets or exceeds present industry standards."

Click here to head to their website and read the recently published blog for more information on the project.