The Senior Citizens Assistance Program (SCAP) and Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) are holding an information session to inform members of the community about availability of Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability (SAID) benefits.  

“We noticed that a lot of the public has questions about their Saskatchewan shared income benefits that they get from the government.” says Ronda Wedhorn, Executive Director of Senior’s Centre Without Walls.  

The session will feature Peter Gilmore from the Regina Anti-Poverty Ministry who will answer questions about eligibility, qualifying circumstances and any inquiries visitors may have. 

The session will take place on March 18 at 1:30, interested parties can call the SCAP & SCWW office to pre-register. There are 25 seats available, and transport for those who need it and are over 55 years old can arrange free transit through Allbility Transport Service. 

Visit the SCAP website for more information on programs offered.