Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) is bringing back their weekly phone sessions for seniors (ages 55+) who grew up on a farm to share their stories with one another. 

Ronda Wedhorn, program manager with SCWW says it’s aimed at those who either grew up on a farm or spent time with relatives on the farm. “We’re all going to come together over the phone and just share our stories – what life was like growing up on the farm or visiting the farm. It’s just a really good way for seniors to get together and have a good sense of feeling of belonging and a sense of community.” 

SCWW has run this program in the past and said that they received feedback that convinced them to run the program again. 

Wedhorn said that participants in the sessions will receive trinkets in the mail related to farming that they will only be allowed to open when the session begins. “It will have little things in it that we might be talking about that day – so maybe it will be a piece of rope that maybe they might have used on the farm.” 

“That will just trigger a memory that somebody might have about using those things that they get in the mail.” 

The free sessions will be on Wednesdays from January 17th through March 6th, with a session from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and another from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. No computer is required – just a telephone.  

Pre-registration is needed by December 15th, depending on availability of spots. The morning and afternoon sessions can have up to 10 participants each. If you’re interested, you can call Ronda Wedhorn at 306-690-3557, and she will fill out a registration form with you over the phone.  

SCWW was formed to give Saskatchewan seniors a sense of connection from their telephones, and Wedhorn encourages people to take part in one of their phone sessions. “A lot of times seniors don’t have that family support that maybe they had years ago when people weren’t so busy. It’s really important to have somewhere where seniors don’t feel those feelings of loneliness or being isolated.” 

SCWW has a variety of classes, trivia games, and speakers, all available with a phone connection. Wedhorn says that in the future, they will be expanding to provide Moose Jaw and area seniors with help in their own homes, including cleaning and companionship, errand help, and transportation.  

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