Servicing the site of the new Canadian Tire building on Thatcher Drive East is now underway. 

KMS Construction has been contracted to install sewer, storm and water main pipes to the site. The servicing of the site is expected to be completed by June 15, weather permitting. 

The construction of the Canadian Tire store has been nearly five years in the making. Negotiations began in 2016 and a deal was finalized in December of 2019 for Canadian Tire to purchase 11.95 acres of land for $3.1 million. 

“The city was working on this agreement before I got here, and so there was lots of ebbs and flows to this agreement, finding ways to make it happen. We had a great team working at the city and Council guidance and we were able to find that deal to make that project going,” said city manager Jim Puffalt. 

Puffalt confirmed that the city has received the full payment for the land.