JBK Farms is a dairy farm near Birch Hills that was the first barn in Canada to have Kozzee Wrap installed in their operation.

The same technology that helped get man on the moon is now helping a Saskatchewan Dairy Farm drastically improve their operation.

Kozzee  Wrap is a reflective aerospace aluminum foil insulation that has been used in the United States for a number of years, but has just started to be applied to Canadian residential and commercial properties.

The Wrap which started off as space suit insulation for astronauts, works by reflecting radiant heat, while allowing moisture to pass through the material.

Brenda Kernaleguen one of the owners of JBK Farms, a Dairy Farm near Birch Hills said a few years ago, their barn was nearly falling apart from moisture deterioration.

After they made structural repairs they installed Kozzee Wrap in their operation, the first barn in Canada to have the material installed.

Kernaleguen explains the benefits they saw.

"Putting it into our barn meant that #1 it raised the temperature of the barn considerably during the winter months and cooled it off during the summer so we had a much more consistent and even temperature and its allowed us to do a lot of improvements over the past 4 years."

Kernaleguen said the wrap reflected heat so well, the warmth produced by the cows was enough to keep the barn close to 0 degrees in winter.

The insulation has allowed them to install water beds and robots in their barn, along with better temperature levels have increased production in their dairy cows.

Dairy Cow 3

Ben Pearson the creator of the insulation says Kozzee Wrap has a significant impact on dairy and chicken barn operations

"Any animal that you're able to relieve so much stress off (the animals), is a drastic benefit to them. That's what you're doing here, your creating a comfort level that makes them produce. Whether it's chickens, cows or turkey's they live better when they're stress free."

Not only does Pearson assert the insulation allows customers to save 22%-47% of their energy bills, he also says the temperature variance in buildings becomes much more minimal causing less stress to animals.

Kozzee Wrap can be applied to existing insulation.

To learn more about Kozzee Wrap visit the companies website.