Mother nature prevented the Strong Studio's Winter Games from happening on it's original date of February 13th, but this past Saturday the chilly weather wasn't enough to stop about 90 people from taking part in the fun event. Participants competed in a variety of physical and mental challenges from an obstacle course, to tire flipping, to word scrambles etc. 

Kyra Klassen, owner of the Strong Studio said that they wanted to provide a fun day for people to get out and get active within the Covid restrictions currently in place. To keep within the restrictions, start times were staggered throughout the day, teams were limited to 8 people, the events were spread out over an entire city block, masks were worn and everyone practiced social distancing.

Here are the results from the fun event:

1st - Fast & Furious

2nd - Main Street Mafia

3rd - Country Tornadoes

4th - 3D Fitness

5th - Kyra Made Me Do It

6th - Team Wannabes

7th - Snow Angels

8th - AvoCardios

9th - SPT