Total crimes against the person are down in Moose Jaw, but one particular category has seen an increase this year. 

Twenty-eight sexual assault offences have been recorded since the beginning of the year in Moose Jaw, representing an increase of 47.4 per cent compared to this time last year.  

“That’s not a comforting number – that number is troublesome,” said Police Chief Rick Bourassa. 

“I don’t have any answers for you on what the drivers are of that, other than we’re seeing an increase of interpersonal violence in that particular area,” he added, noting that most cases are in relationships where people know one another.  

“We investigate all of those – there are a lot of supports here in Moose Jaw for people who have experienced the trauma of sexual assault.” 

Resources in Moose Jaw can include contact with Victims Services, Moose Jaw Transition House, or the Regina Sexual Assault Centre’s satellite office out of Moose Jaw Family Services.  

Overall, total crimes against the person have decreased by 17.3 per cent compared to this time last year, with 162 crimes reported in the areas of homicide, attempted murder, assault, and robbery.  

Total crimes against property are also down 21.3 per cent compared to April 2024, with 538 so far including breaking and entering, thefts, arson, and mischief under $5,000.  

Bourassa said that it is still too early in the year to determine long-term trends from the numbers. 

Calls for service are up 3.4 per cent compared to this time last year, with police receiving 6,178 calls so far this year. “Although the number of crimes being reported to us continues to decrease, the demands on our service continue to increase, because so much of what we deal with is the non-criminal pieces,” said Bourassa.