An error by the city’s Engineering Department means a local landowner will receive some money back for landfill fees but that doesn’t mean the issue is resolved.


The City of Moose Jaw will be refunding 6 thousand dollars to a local landowner after a costly error on the part of the engineer's department.

You may remember the old gas pumps at the corner of Main and Saskatchewan were being removed last fall. Well, during that process a water and sewer line was accidentally ruptured. The reason is that the city did not mark where the lines were due to a surveying error.

JoAnn Farrow is the owner of that property and requested City Hall refund part of the cost to remove the saturated soil and take it to the city landfill. She wanted nearly 8000 dollars but council granted 6 thousand instead, arguing her figures and theirs for how much the soil weighed didn't match.

During the meeting Farrow was not pleased with the compromise and mentioned several times she may explore legal action against the city.