‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ says Moose Jaw City Manager Maryse Carmichael as she refers to the Report an Issue function on the City of Moose Jaw app.  

As the city transitions from winter into spring it also brings about the beginning of another season, construction season. The spring thaw will unveil repairs that need to be completed, and the best way to report them is through the City of Moose Jaw app.  

“As a city manager, I love the system because I can easily track it. If you determined that the pothole wasn’t filled, I would probably ask you what’s the issue number and then I can easily go in and then see the history, who is supposed to fix it and why it hasn’t been fixed yet,” said Carmichael.  

She says the app provides a system for more efficient tracking of repairs and ensuring all requests for service are completed. The system also automatically prioritizes and sends requests to the department that will be sent to resolve the issue. 

The City of Moose Jaw app isn’t just for reporting issues to the city, it can also be used to notify the public of city events, news and emergency alerts. 

“Probably once or twice a week there's something we push (notification) to the residents through the app for valuable information... if there was an emergency it would be another way to communicate with residents as well,”  

In the four years since the app was released there have been 17,500 downloads, and in that time the city has closed 39,000 issues.