This sign welcomes guests to the plot of land in the northeast edge of Moose Jaw


The Ministry of Agriculture's "Agriculture In The Classroom" program got out of the classroom for a couple days this week at the "Pizza Farm".  The piece of farmland on the northeast edge of Moose Jaw is used by the Ministry to demonstrate how different sectors of the agriculture industry play a role in putting food, specifically pizza, on our tables.  From Ducks Unlimited showing the importance of soil and water, to Mosaic Company exhibiting the usefulness of potash in making fertilizer, to having livestock on hand (cows=cheese, hogs=ham/pork/bacon/pepperoni), kids were able to talk with experts in each agriculture (pardon the pun) field.  We spoke with Val Panko, Regional

Farm Business Management Specialist for the Ministry of Agriculture Moose Jaw office, about the program  And, we got to watch as students from Palliser Heights school in Moose Jaw took a tour.