Spring could finally be in the air, according to Environment Canada’s seven-day forecast for Moose Jaw, which shows daytime highs well into the double digits.  

Last weekend, a high of +8 C was seen on Saturday, with Sunday even warmer at +11 C, which makes it feel like spring weather is coming.  

The question remains, will the balmy temperatures continue throughout the next few days? 

Brian Luzny a Meteorologist with Environment Canada says the answer to that question is yes, due to a strong upper ridge bringing warm air to the region. 

“We’re getting nice warm Pacific air moving in over southern Saskatchewan for last weekend into this week, which is putting Moose Jaw at around 5 to 10 degrees above normal daytime highs over the next few days,” says Luzny. 

The average daytime high for Moose Jaw in April is +12.7 C, and a usual night-time low of –1.7 C.  

Lunzy did want to mention that this surge in warm air in early April isn’t uncommon.  

“Last week, we had a Colorado Low move through mostly Manitoba but also clipped portions of southeastern Saskatchewan. As that moved through, that was a big game changer for the exit of winter weather and bringing in more of these springtime weather.” 

A high of +15 C is expected on Monday, and +20 on Tuesday, then things will begin to cool down on Wednesday with a small cold front bringing rain and possible snow. 

“It shouldn’t be too much. With the lows overnight getting near zero, you might see snow in the morning turn into rain or a mix. In the afternoon, you will see mostly a 30 to 60 per cent chance of showers.” 

Following Wednesday and Thursday, the sun will shine once again into the weekend with highs of +13 C on Saturday and +19 C on Sunday forecasted. The above-average weather is expected to continue into next week, as another blast of warm Pacific air will make its way to Moose Jaw.