We’re expecting daytime highs in the double digits all week in Moose Jaw.  

Stephen Berg, meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, said this is expected to last to the weekend. “There’s quite a pronounced ridge that’s building in western Canada. That’s bringing some clear skies and warm air.” 

Daytime highs for today and tomorrow are plus 13 degrees, with around plus 7 being the average for this time of year.  

We’re expecting daytime high temperatures to get to the low 20’s by Wednesday, when we reach plus 21, and Thursday, it’s expected to be plus 20. 

Temperatures cool off a bit after that point, with a high of plus 18 expected on Friday. 

“Maybe by the weekend [temperatures] will be back to around the normal mark, but that’ll be something to be seen a bit later on," said Berg. 

The high for Saturday is plus 14, which is still above the average high of plus 8.7 degrees.