At the Tim Horton's Brier in Calgary, Kevin Martin and Team Alberta captured their second straight Brier Championship, and for the second straight season, they went undefeated the entire week. 

Martin knocked off Manitoba's Jeff Stoughton 10-4 last night to win the national championship.  Martin will now represent Canada at World's April 4th in Moncton.

Joel Jordison and Team Saskatchewan wrapped up their Brier playdowns with a 7-5 loss to Manitoba and then an 8-3 loss to Newfoundland. 

Against Manitoba, Jordison scored singles in the first, third, and sixth, while adding two in the eighth.  Stoughton scored a pair in the second and seventh, while adding three in the fourth. 

Against Newfoundland, Saskatchewan could only pick up singles in the third, fifth, and seventh.  Newfoundland scored two in the first and sixth, stole two in the second, and then picked up singles in the fourth and eighth. 

Jordison's foursome finishes the round robin with a 3-8 record, which puts them in 8th place.