Following the lead of the National Football League, the Canadian Football League made the announcement this week that players will be able to wear their "Guardian Caps" during game action this season.

Guardian caps, as seen below, were introduced to football teams in just the past few years. The shell-like "cap" for a player's helmet has been a staple in practice, but now players are permitted to wear them into games if they so choose.

Already frequently used among the high contact positions, the league also expanded the device to defensive backs and receivers. Statistics since the equipment was introduced in 2023 show a "42 per cent decrease in training camp concussions", and continued research is taking place to prove their viability in the sport.

Before the news dropped, WestCentralOnline asked Roughriders offensive lineman Logan Ferland if he would consider wearing the cap.

"I'll do what they tell me to do," joked Ferland. "I know as far as practice goes, it doesn't take much away from the game. I know a lot of guys might be disappointed from a visual perspective, cause they don't look the greatest, but I am all-in on keeping heads healthy."

Ferland has no problem with it personally, but he does know that some supporters might make their voices heard.

"I know it would bring a bit of an uproar for certain people I am sure."

Boiling it down to simpler terms, Ferland knows football is a violent sport and wouldn't have it any different way, but he does understand what they are trying to mitigate. 

Other additions the CFL is making to their safety measures in 2024 include mandatory mouthguards, GPS tracking technology, professional development for medical staff, and injury spotter investments.

The Roughriders will be hosting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. in the league's first pre-season game.