Moose Jaw City Hall is starting to get a few inquiries from potential election candidates as we get closer to voting for a new council this fall.

Returning Officer Myron Gulka-Tiechko and his staff have put together a package of information for anyone that may be considering a run at municipal politics, "We are putting together all the basic requirements all the candidates will be needing and we should have that available in both hard copy and posted on our website.  The content of that package is sort of an overvue of the information on elections for mayor and council along with the seperate school boards."

Gulka-Tiechko adds, "We provide information such as what the number of electors who need to nominate each of the positions are, the responsibilities of each of the positions, so it's all in one sort of global handbook for all the elected positions that will becoming up."

We vote October 28th.