Author: 800 CHAB NEWS/ APAS

The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS) is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Executive Director, Lynette Keyowski.

"Keyowski is a great person for the job," said Ken McBride, president of APAS. "I congratulate her on her new position, and I am confident that APAS is in good hands. Keyowski has what it takes to represent producers in this province, and I am confident that she will have success in her new position."

Keyowski’s promotion came after three years of hard work in policy for APAS. "I’m very excited to have this opportunity," she said. "I think that it is vital that producers in Saskatchewan have the representation they need through an organization committed to building and promoting sound policy solutions for Saskatchewan and Canadian agriculture. I truly believe that APAS is the organization that is and will continue to accomplish that," she said. "I’m ready to work hard to ensure APAS is seen as the organization that provides credible policy solutions for agricultural producers. I’m looking forward to my new role with APAS."

Keyowski will replace current Acting Executive Director, Marvin Shauf. Shauf will continue in his role as Policy Manager for APAS. He believes that Keyowski is an excellent choice for the position. "Keyowski has everything we need to succeed," said Shauf. "She is a great choice for the position, and APAS will thrive under her leadership."

APAS is a grassroots farm organization established in 1999 to promote the interests of agricultural producers in Saskatchewan. APAS helps provincial producers speak with a unified voice and push for change in policy to help producers.