Author: 800 CHAB NEWS

It was a chance for about 1000 former Peacock students to gather and remember there time in Moose Jaw as the High School held its 75th Anniversary Reunion this weekend.

Graduates have moved around the world to make their careers including Germany where Brian Bowley, Class of '81, has made a career in opera. "If you would have told me that I was going to be in Germany 10 years ago I would have said you're crazy. Once you get going in the right direction in life things just happen and you just have to take the opportunities that are fed to you."

Bowley has been involved in several productions of Cats in Germany and has recently returned home. He attributes his career to Peacock since the music director at the time, Ron Zimmerman, suggested he take music lessons with Sandra Ryba and the rest just fell into place.

Other alumni attending the reunion traveled from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Mongolia to meet up with old friends.