Dillon Peeace’s attempted murder case was adjourned during Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Thursday after his lawyer failed to appear in court. 

Peeace appeared via video from the Regina Provincial Correction Centre, but the court did not receive a request from his lawyer, Brian Pfefferle, to appear via telephone. 

In the past, Pfefferle had given instructions through Moose Jaw Legal Aid. However, Legal Aid lawyer Merv Shaw told the court there had been no correspondence with their office.  

At the last court appearance, Legal Aid lawyer Suzanne Lalonde appeared as agent for Pfefferle. During that appearance, Lalonde said Pfefferle was finalizing a resolution although the Crown had yet to receive a proposal. 

Provincial Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker said he had been waiting for correspondence from Pfefferle and did not have any instructions. 

Judge Brian Hendrickson felt the best solution was to set it over to May 16. 

Parker told the judge he would let Pfefferle know of the future court date, but Hendrickson took it a step further. He instructed the court clerk to also email Pfefferle’s office to voice the court’s displeasure that telephone appearance policies were not followed. Hendrickson wanted to add in the email that other procedures were not followed including not giving instructions to an agent, had not contacted the Crown Prosecutor and there was no permission request to appear via telephone. 

Parker received an email from Pfefferle later during docket court apologizing and confirming the next court date. 

Essentially, Hendrickson said he was displeased that nothing was accomplished during the court appearance. 

Peeace was arrested after an alleged machete attack in downtown Moose Jaw on Sept. 28, 2023. He was charged with attempted murder and is also facing several additional charges including breach of an undertaking, causing a disturbance, resisting arrest and breaking and entering.