Ryan Buckton, a man facing a laundry list of charges, appeared via video in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Thursday. 

Zack Anderson from the Moose Jaw Legal Aid office told Judge Robert Lane that they are in the process of finding Buckton a new legal aid lawyer. 

Shedding more light on the situation, Provincial Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker said Buckton was assigned Legal Aid lawyer Suzanne Lalonde. He couldn’t recall the situation but said Lalonde had to withdraw and Buckton self-represented for his bail hearing in which he was denied bail. 

Buckton spoke and clarified that he did not fire Lalonde but that she had told him she couldn’t represent him due to information he had given her. He told the judge he does not want to represent himself due to the severity of the charges and is awaiting Legal Aid. 

Buckton also told the court that he would like to talk to the Crown prosecutor before acquiring a lawyer for a possible resolution. 

Lane told Buckton that, if he is not being self-represented, it would not be appropriate for him to have resolution discussions before a lawyer is hired. Parker agreed saying it could give the appearance that the Crown is taking advantage of someone before they had a chance to speak with a lawyer. 

Buckton’s case was adjourned until June 6. 

Buckton is facing 33 charges including fraud, theft under $5,000, mischief, breach of conditions, possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000, tampering with a vehicle identification number, possession of counterfeit money, using counterfeit money, trafficking property obtained by crime, forgery, using forged documents, weapons trafficking and possession of firearms at an unauthorized place.