Not as rosy as it was just four months ago.

The provincial government has released their First Quarter Report for the provincial budget and the numbers aren't even close to what they said they would be when the budget was released in the spring.

The budget had a projected surplus of $336 million but that number is now closer to $50 million thanks to some shuffling.

The major factor was a loss of $1.3 billion in projected potash revenues.  Those revenues are now expected to be $600 million, a far cry from the $1.9 billion included in the budget.

Finance Minister Rod Gantefoer says the drop in revenues was partially offset by higher-than-expected oil and tax revenues, totalling $668.1 million. So, the province has decided to defer some of their payments for projects that haven't started yet saying they'll pay for them when the construction starts.

The opposition NDP is teeing off on the numbers that have been released saying the "Fantasyland Budget has been exposed".