With all of the problems the local plant has faced over the last several years is there finally a bright spot in their cloudy sky?


After 2 years of uncertainty it looks as though there might be some positive news when it comes to the Moose Jaw pork plant. A buyer might have been found for the local operation although details are being kept quite.

World Wide Pork shutdown due to credit problems and when that happened they owed a lot of people a lot of money including the City of Moose Jaw. The plant was reopened, as the Moose Jaw Pork Packers with those that were owed money taking over 25 percent of the company as a payment of debt. Months later the plant shut down again and the building remains idle.

A buyer has apparently been found to take over the plant and since the City of Moose Jaw owns one percent of the company they have a say in what happens and they have approved the buyout. Now the remaining 99 percent of the ownership must decide what they want to do with the company and the proposed buyer.