Author: CHAB News
Cattlemen are being encouraged to get their calves age verified and submit that information to the C-C-I-A. Julie Stitt is the Executive Director for the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency.  She says since B-S-E they’ve developed a number of enhancements to the C-C-I-A program, adding they are in the process of releasing a value-added module where producers can submit on farm food safety, carcass quality and much more.

 Federal Provincial agriculture ministers have been talking about establishing a traceability task force.  There’s a lot of concern about duplication in the livestock system.  Stitt says they’ve already developed a solid working program and are discussing it’s use with other sectors of the livestock industry.  She is encouraging the ministers to build on the current infrastructure, and not to try and develop new data bases, which would make it more complicated for producers.