Carnie's Comments


I can count on one hand the number of times I've walked away from a funeral feeling good.  

It happened Saturday after hundreds attended Vi Reaman's celebration of life.

Vi spent her career as a nurse, mostly in the ICU and emergency departments in our local hospitals. A mentor for many over the years, her colleagues called her "Mama Vi".

About a dozen people took to the microphone to share memories and stories.  There were tears, laughter and even a few standing ovations.

Ray Francis, a retired paramedic, told a story many will never forget.

It was about a young man who, years ago, was doubting his capabilities and questioning his career choice. He confided in Vi. 

One day that man was able to bring a patient back from cardiac arrest, something that doesn't happen very often, before transporting them to emergency. 

Left in the capable hands of doctors and nurses, the man was on his way back to the ambulance when Vi followed him out.

She made it clear that while the doctors and nurses were now treating the patient, it was he who saved the life.

That man continues to make a difference in his chosen field to this day.