Carnie's Comments


It's time for the fun and frivolity on Facebook Friday!

Maybe you can use this one this weekend, "I'm not saying you're stupid. I'm just saying you've got bad luck when it comes to thinking."

This one, "Adult peer pressure: Your neighbour mowing the lawn."

Here's a guy who says, "Throwing a hot pan into a cold sink makes me feel like a blacksmith."

This friend shares a sign that reads, "Remember what the valet who parked your car looks like because WE DO NOT HAVE VALET  PARKING".

Another one from that funny fella, "Please unblock me. I wasn't finished."

Here's a redneck who shares, "My favourite essential oil is bacon grease."

This funny guy says, "This too shall pass. And then something else will come along and take its place because it never ends."

And one more from an aging friend who shares, "Getting older is such an adventure. Like, is this chest pain indigestion or a heart attack?  I can't wait to see if I'm alive tomorrow."