Carnie's Comments 


I've been calling it THAT weekend for years now.

It's the first weekend in many months that we pro football fans don't have football to watch.  The NFL is down to one more game, the Super Bowl, next Sunday.  So, this past Sunday just didn't feel right.  It's like you need your friend but he's just not available.  It's a helpless feeling.

The Super Bowl bye week coincided with the NHL All Star break so we didn't have Hockey Night in Canada either - just the all star game which doesn't appeal to many fans.

However, it was a weekend for many other sports and athletes to shine.  Among the sports offered on the weekend on my cable TV service were professional soccer, bull riding, the NBA and college basketball, golf, figure skating, speed skating, bobsledding and skeleton competitions, pro bowling, and pro lacrosse.

Oh, there was a football game - the NFL's Pro Bowl featured the fellas playing "flag" football.  Ya, no, not watching that.

And, neither was a friend who lives down south.  He was on social media while he was missing the NFL and the NHL.  He said ESPN 2 featured dodge ball yesterday and on ESPN 3?  It was the national cornhole championship.

You know, I think the only sport not on TV this weekend was pickleball.  However, there is, in fact, a professional pickleball league now.  And I'll bet it'll be on TV soon.

What a wonderful world.