Carnie's Comments


Oh, we had some options but not many.  Think about it.  What choices did you have when it came to the classes you took in high school?  They were limited, right?

That's changing.

The Saskatchewan Distance Learning Corporation is up and running as students and teachers start planning schedules for next school year.

The "Sask DLC" will offer more than 180 courses online for kids in Kindergarten to grade 12.  The options include more than 120 high school courses with electives from animation to astronomy, paleontology, information technology and more like interior design and decorating along with 25 trade-related classes.

Our Education Minister Dustin Duncan says, "The wide array of courses on offer will provide students with new opportunities for learning...all students will have greater flexibility and choice in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary for their future careers..."

The plan is coming together as the head office gets set up in Kenaston with regional campuses in nine communities, including Moose Jaw.

Sask DLC will offer free education to students up to the age of 22 while the rest of us can access courses if we pay a tuition fee.

It just makes sense.  Our youth now have more opportunities to learn about things they're interested in.