Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday on the daily commentary - a look back at days gone by.

The youngsters at the radio station were all ears a few days ago when I told them we didn't have canned beverages in Saskatchewan when I was growing up.  Remember?  The soda pop, juice and beer all came in glass bottles.

I remember taking empty pop bottles to the corner store for refunds and there was a depot on River Street where we returned our empty beer bottles.  

I can also recall going to the USA one summer on the family vacation and coming back with a variety of canned soda pops, including a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper.  Some of my homies in the neighbourhood had never tasted it before.  We'd only seen the commercials on cable TV.

This was all happening while the local dairies made the move from delivering bottles of milk to plastic bags.  Our milkman delivered a plastic bag with three separate bags of milk within twice a week.  We had to buy special vessels to hold those bags and use the scissors to open them up.  The youngsters thought that was funny.

Now we've got it all.  We can get our fluids in aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles and our milk is in proper cardboard cartons.  

What a wonderful world!