Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday, a time to reflect on days gone by.

It'll be 50 years ago this summer that my mom, dad, sisters and me made the move to Moose Jaw.  

I was 8 years old and going into grade 3.  

It was a big move for my dad. He was making the move from Regina for a chance at a better, simpler life at age 49.

It was 1973 and while everything was less expensive back then, paycheques weren't what they are today either.

Our 3-bedroom bungalow in Regina sold for $21,500 which was not a bad price at that time.  However, the best deal dad could get on our new home in Moose Jaw was $23,000.

I recall my father being very worried about that. How were we going to make up that extra $1500?

Years later, when dad was in late 70s, we had a good laugh about that.

By the turn of the century, a shortfall of $1500 was nothing much to worry about for us.

Weren't we lucky?