Carnie's Comments


If a federal election were held today, chances are we'd elect a Conservative government and Pierre Poilievre would be the Prime Minister-elect.

Recent polling by Nanos Research finds the Conservatives "continue to enjoy a comfortable advantage of 20 percentage points" over the Liberals.

However, Nanos also found both Justin Trudeau and Poilievre "score poorly in terms of credibility" with about half of all Canadians saying "they believe both...have low credibility".

Trudeau is scoring 3.7 out of 10 while Poilievre scored a 3.9.

The recently conducted poll asked "what emotions come to mind when thinking about" Trudeau and Poilievre and "words such as stupid, ignorant, immature, anger, rage, frustrated, disgust and nausea" were frequently mentioned related to Justin Trudeau.

And when asked about Poilievre, Canadians came up with words like "dishonest, liar, deceitful and manipulative", but we also came up with "hopeful, promising, joyful and excited" when asked about the Conservative Party of Canada leader.

The true test will come with the next federal election which, by the way, will happen on or before October 20th, 2025.