Carnie's Comments


It's time for Twitter Tuesday! I find the best from the best of the Twitterati.

This one, "I appreciate stupid people. They remind me I'm not stupid and that's always nice to remember."

I like this, "The Door Dash guy placed our drinks against the door, essentially trapping us in our house."

Here's a funny fella who Tweets, "Welcome to your 40s. See that kid dressed up like a cop? He is a cop."

This aging guy says, My almost four-year-old grandson just pointed at a food stain on my shirt and asked me if was 12."

This young woman I follow shares, "I'm really good at doing things until I try to show someone how to do it."

Here's one I like, "I put some money into someone else's parking meter today, if you're looking for a hero."

And we'll finish with this, "I like pets with human names. When someone says something like, 'This is my dog, Jim', I'm instantly a fan of both the owner and the dog."