Carnie's Comments 


It's Twitter Tuesday time!  I find the best Tweets once a week just for you.

A timely Tweet from a friend who shares, "My favourite time of year is when the bugs start to die."

Comedian Brent Butt Tweets, "Hudson's Bay announces the return of Zellers!  And you all MOCKED ME INCESSANTLY for holding on to my Club-Z points!"

Comedian Dan Regan says, "If I were a rapper today my name would be Poppa Knee."

Here's a guy who says, "Is anyone keeping an eye on people who have more than two air fresheners hanging from their mirror?"

This mom Tweets, "If by 'meal prep' you mean finding the lids that fit the bowls, then yes, I meal prep."

Another mom writes, "I can' wait 'til my kid gets her first car so I can stick a breakfast sandwich under her seat and grind chips into the floor."

And one more, "Nachos are just tacos that don't have their life together."