Carnie's Comments


Time for our weekly look at the best from the best on Twitter - it's Twitter Tuesday!

Here's a guy who shares, "You know, I've never eaten trail mix on a trail."

This gal says, "Oh, you have a daybed?  What, are you a vampire?"

I like this, "If you die during a game of Duck-Duck-Goose, you become a victim of fowl play."

This guy Tweets, "I've been trick-or-treating since Halloween.  People are running out of candy but an old lady gave me the keys to her Buick."

Some Tuesday motivation here, "I will never not be a work in progress."

Here's one, "Real jealous of all the bears getting fat and preparing to sleep for months."

This woman Tweets, "I want to fall in love but I also want to be left alone because I hate everyone.  So it's tricky."

And one more from a young father I follow who writes, "Our youngest made their own grilled cheese and, long story short, did you know that bread is flammable?"