Carnie's Comments


'Tis time for Twitter Tuesday!  I find the best from the Twitterati.

Let's start with this, "The funeral for the man who invented Tupperware was postponed...while they tried to find the lid for his coffin."

Here's a young woman who Tweets, "Kind of upsetting that society expects me - a former BABY - to do things for myself."

A question, "When a girl breaks up with a farmer...does she write him a John Deere letter?"

I like this, "That song 'We're Not Gonna Take It' came out 39 years ago but I feel like we have, in fact, continued to take it."

This guy Tweets, "My wife and I stood waving to the neighbour for 10 minutes this morning before we realized she was cleaning her windows."

Here's a mom who shares, "My 11 year old drafted a fiction story for class and asked me to look it over with her.  As we sat down to read it, she said, 'It's either a masterpiece or a disasterpiece'.  Friends, I would like you to meet my new favourite word!"