Carnie's Comments


It's time to take the treats from the Twitterati on Twitter Tuesday.

This woman says, "Wearing ripped jeans at age 48 so it's easier for me to roll Biofreeze on my knee."

This guy says, "Good luck private number.  I haven't answered my phone from a number I know since 2013."

Here's a guy who Tweets, "Just bought 10 packs of Cadbury Cream Eggs to sell on the open market six months from now when people are desperate."

Here's one from a funny gal I follow, "I hate having a messy house.  Not enough to actually clean it but enough to give it a disgusted stare from my seat on the couch."

This middle-aged lady shares, "I told my husband I'd rather deal with him than ever enter the dating world again so, yeah, I'd say our romance is still alive."

"Kevin the Dad" Tweeting, "I asked my 5 year-old to play quietly and he said, 'OK Boomer', which made me pretty unhappy because I'm two generations younger than that.  How old does this kid think I am?"

And one more, "'s a dish best served eventually."