Carnie's Comments


It's Twitter Tuesday!  I find the treats from the Twitterati just for you.

The best Tweet from Mother's Day from a funny fella I follow who says, "My mom asked me where I'm taking her to eat on Mother's Day...I told her we have food at home."

Just in time for gardening season, this guy shares, "How to grow tomatoes.  Step one, devote 3 months of your life to helping them grow.  Step two, that's it.  Congratulations.  You just saved 2 dollars."

This gal I follow says, "I tried to kill a bug with Febreze but it didn't work and now the room smells like lilac...and fear."

Here's a single friend who shares, "Weak men think you're too much and arrogant men think you're not enough...and that's why you should get a cat."

A fed-up mom went to Twitter to write, "When my kids aren't listening to me I just yell, 'IGNORE ME!'  And then I feel better that they're finally listening."

Here's a worn-out mom who asks, "What wine pairs best with dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets?"

This deep thinker Tweets, "When it comes to misleading candy flavours, butterscotch is pretty high on the list."