Carnie's Comments


I scroll all week long just for you to present Twitter Tuesday! Is it still called Twitter?

This guys shares, "When all was said and done, too much was said and not enough was done."

Here's an older fella who Tweets, "They told me I'd understand when I'm older. The older I get the less I understand."

This funny gal I follow says, "I made my therapist cry, so I'm pretty sure I'm winning therapy."

Here's a local guy who says, "So apparently 50% of homeowning is hearing strange noises and hoping they are made by ghosts...because I can't afford to fix them."

I like this, "There's nothing wrong with not being liked. Some people don't like dogs. Obviously, those people are dumb but dogs don't let it bother them."

This guy, working from home these days, Tweets, "I hear the blender going in the kitchen. Only my 10 and 8-year-olds are awake. My wife is not home. I'm on a conference call. Oh, no!"