We've asked you to share your memories of 800 CHAB during this, our 100th anniversary.

Today's memory from self-described "long time listener" Glen Knutson who dropped off the gold pen in the photo we're sharing today.

"And so the story goes," Glen writes.  "Back in the day my grandfather was sitting at the lunch counter at Kresge's store and a gentleman sat beside him and asked if he had a notepad he could use.  My grandfather had one in his pocket, so he let him use it.  When the gentleman was done he gave him back the notepad and gave him his pen as a thanks.  After the man left my grandfather asked the young lady working if she knew his name.  

She said "His name is Cy Knight."  (Long time, legendary CHAB announcer who retired in 1972)

"In 1985 my grandfather passed away and the pen was given to me.  I have had it on my dresser since.  It is time for it to return where it came from."

"Happy 100th anniversary!"

Thanks so much for sharing, Glen.  We'll treasure the pen!