Construction is now underway for new outdoor Pickleball courts at the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Sportsplex. 

During budget deliberations in December of 2021, city council unanimously approved $284,000 from the General Parks Reserve to build six outdoor regulation-sized Pickleball courts. 

This is viewed as a step forward for Pickleball Moose Jaw. They currently play in several gymnasiums throughout the city, but do not have an outdoor court to play on during the summer. 

“That's good, and that keeps us going through the winter, but through the summer we've all been looking forward to being able to play outside. That's where much of Pickleball is played outside in warmer climates, so it's an opportunity for us to be able to do the same thing here in Moose Jaw,” said Pickleball Moose Jaw vice-chair Dave Richards. 

Ron Hagan just recently took up the game, which is one of the fastest-growing games in North America. He said he’s looking forward to being able to play outside. 

“I think it opens the door for more people playing, and I mean it's something that eventually there’ll be tournaments and that can bring people into the city,” Hagan said.  

“So, I think the city, as a whole, can benefit, but also anybody interested in the sport. It’s a good sport, it’s not hard to play and, if you want to play it very competitively, you can, and it's very social.” 

A licensing agreement was signed in April between the City and Pickleball Moose Jaw outlining who is responsible for the courts' use, operation, maintenance, and future expansion.   

Any capital costs will be a partnership between the city and Pickleball Moose Jaw, while future courts expansion would come at Pickleball Moose Jaw’s expense. 

The hope is to have the courts complete so they are available before the end of summer.