A Ukrainian sunflower sculpture received approval from Moose Jaw City Council on Tuesday night. 

The Downtown Moose Jaw Association approached the city’s Public Art Committee about the project and the committee brought the recommendation forward to city council. 

The approved motion was that the project be approved pending a review of the proposed art locations by the Parks and Recreation Department. Director of Parks and Recreation Derek Blais said they already have a pretty good idea of where the sculpture will be going. 

“I believe we are looking at the Langdon Crescent entrance (to Crescent Park) near the spa as the location,” Blais said. 

The sculpture will be about seven feet high. A five-foot long by 30 inches wide and 24 inches high base will be made of heavy gauge steel that will act as the “planter” for the sunflowers.  

The base will then be installed on a concrete slab to secure it to the ground. 

Weather-resistant paint will be added to the sculpture and will be touched up after it is installed as required. 

All of the costs for the material and the installation of the sculpture will be funded by the Downtown Moose Jaw Association. 

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