The City of Moose Jaw ended up with 4 out of 10 spots on CAA’s 2024 Worst Roads contest for Saskatchewan, with people’s primary complaints being potholes.  

Maryse Carmichael, city manager of Moose Jaw, said that two out of the four roads listed in the contest will see further attention this year. 

Three of the Moose Jaw roads listed in this year’s Top 10 Worst Roads have made the list in previous years, with 4th Ave SW making its first appearance. 


Coteau St W (Ranked #5) 

“We’ve started work on Coteau Street just this past Monday on the 29th of April. The work is going to be both for the infrastructure renewal and the road renewal,” explained Carmichael.  

“We’re going to repave all the way from 8th Avenue Southwest all the way to 16th.” 

4th Ave Viaduct SW (Ranked #6) 

The Viaduct was previously closed in March to have cold mix applied to some potholes on the bridge. “Of course, this will be replaced with hot mix once it is available and procured,” added Carmichael.  

Carmichael said that the Thunderbird Viaduct is in the City’s capital budget and is part of the city’s priorities for the next 5 years. “We have over $16 million assigned to the Thunderbird viaduct, but in the meantime, right now, it’s in arbitration.” 

“We’re waiting for the decision of the arbitration on the work that will have to be done there.” 

13th Ave NW (Ranked #9) 

Carmichael said residents on the road were sent letters in March about road renewal in future years. 

“We have this proactive communication with the residents so that if there’s a desire to replace water and sanitary services before the road is refreshed, now is the time to do that.” 

“It is definitely on our list to design and potentially pave for next year.” 

4th Ave SW (Ranked #10) 

The remainder of 4th Avenue is not on the list for major road renewal this year. “Potholes - yes, that’s something we do on a yearly basis." 

Carmichael said that hot mix is not yet available for filling potholes, but once it is, they will be making the rounds to fill the city’s potholes again.  

“Our list of priorities is based on the professional conditional assessment of our city’s road networks,” said Carmichael.  

“We fully acknowledge that every dollar we have in our capital money comes from our residents, and we do look really closely at how we spend it.”