Stadacona Apartments, located at 79 Stadacona Street West, was originally evacuated back in October 2023

The building was found to have non-functioning fire alarm pull stations and no working fire alarms or carbon monoxide detectors, a gas leak, and windows that could not be opened among other risks. It was subsequently boarded up and organizations were enlisted to assist residents, including Social Services, The John Howard Society, and Moose Jaw Housing Authority.  

The City of Moose Jaw also issued a clean-up order to the building’s owners in December 2023, and when the owners did not respond, city crews were dispatched to clean the outside courtyard.  

Maryse Carmichael, city manager for Moose Jaw, said that the City is currently in the process of tax enforcement for the building and its owners. “Even before we had the safety concern at the building back in October of last year – even before that, in May 2022, the City actually had started already the tax enforcement process.” 

She said that a lien was placed on the property. “On the provincial side, we are now at the provincial mediation board for the request to consent for permission to make the final application for title for that property.” 

The six-month waiting period with the provincial mediation board ended on March 6, 2024. “From what I understand the board will make some attempt to set up a payment arrangement with the owner, and then if they’re unsuccessful then yes, the City will be granted title,” said Carmichael.  

Carmichael said that while multiple attempts have been made to contact the property owners during the last year and a half, they have not had any success. She said if contact is successfully made, the provincial mediation board would be looking for the owners to reimburse creditors including the City. 

If the City is granted the title of the property? “We attempt to recover our costs and the taxes outstanding by more than likely a tender to sell the building.” 

Carmichael said the City will be publishing a list of all liens owing to the City for the public to view in the next couple of weeks, which will also show the amount owing for the property at 79 Stadacona Street West.