The City of Moose Jaw is still seeking nominations for a potential appointment to the Regina Airport Authority (RAA) Board of Directors.

The position is for a three-year term which commences May 1, 2023.

Moose Jaw Mayor Clive Tolley explained how the position opened up.

"We've been most fortunate in that our nominee to that board Trish Martynook has put in three, three-year terms and has ended up being the chair of that board. That board has a by-law that says that you can't serve anymore than three terms. Trish has to reluctantly resign her position and become past chair," he commented. "We are simply looking for somebody to represent the City of Moose Jaw on the Regina Airport Authority Incorporated Board of Directors, and once they're there and part of the board, they'll do their internal elections about who's going to take which role."

Martynook, who was named as Chair last summer, was the first woman and City of Moose Jaw nominee to hold the position.

Tolley noted how important it is to have a representative on the Board, which consists of thirteen individuals.

"Forty minutes away is an international airport and we are one of the major customers. Our citizens in the City of Moose Jaw use that airport and as we become busier and busier as a business centre and an agri-food production centre, we're going to have more and more international travellers using that airport. It's good to have somebody from Moose Jaw looking out for Moose Jaw's interests and the interests of southern Saskatchewan in general."

The deadline to apply is March 17, 2023 at 12 pm.