Clara Hughes (L) lets Peacock teacher Renee Verge wear all six of her Olympic medals during Clara's presentation at Peacock Collegiate

Chunks of days 87 and 88 of "Clara's Big Ride" were spent in Moose Jaw.  6-time Olympic medalist (cycling and speed skating) Clara Hughes is riding across Canada in support of mental health awareness, and Moose Jaw was the 201st community to welcome Clara on her journey so far.  She spent time in Wakamow Valley Sunday night for a family barbecue event, then stopped at Peacock Collegiate and spoke in front of a packed auditorium (over 700 students, teachers, support staff, dignitaries and media).  Clara shared her own story of depression, and emphasized the importance of talking with others about it, and how no one can "get through it alone".  Peacock principal Dustin Swanson had previously declared it "bike to school" day in support of Clara, and science teacher Steven Lys took it to heart, riding to Peacock Monday morning from his home in Regina.  It took him just over three hours to go door to door, and was getting a lift back to Regina in the afternoon.  Clara's Big Ride left Moose Jaw and was stopping in Regina for more festivities Monday afternoon.  Clara's Big Ride will continue eastward, and wrap up Canada Day in Ottawa, ON.  During her presentation, Clara talked abouthow depression affected her even as her Olympic achievements were piling up.