One of the unions on the brink of walking the picket line has gathered to go over what they need to do as they head back to the bargaining table one last time.


They're looking for a new collective agreement, however it was 2 weeks ago that negotiations between ATCO Frontec and the Public Service Alliance of Canada broke down.

John MacLennan is the President of the Union of National Defence Employees, an arm of PSAC that represents about 40 staff at 15 Wing Moose Jaw. He flew in from Ottawa to rally the troops at a special solidarity barbecue Wednesday night.

"We're going down the road with the employer at the bargaining table one more time next week hopefully. If we're not successful in getting a collective agreement it could emanate into a strike. We don't want to go there, we've been at the bargaining table long enough."

Employees at ATCO Frontec provide services related to the day to day operation and maintenance of 15 Wing Moose Jaw. The union can strike September 8th.