Every year, Dance Images by BJ hosts a rehearsal showcase leading up to their first week of competition, called Dance for Hunger. 

The dancers spend the weekend at the Centennial Auditorium rehearsing while collecting food for the Moose Jaw & District Food Bank. The showcase allows the public to come and see the dancers prepare for their upcoming competitions, as well as make a generous donation to a great cause. 

“It was a really great weekend, we had a huge turnout coming Sunday evening to watch the show,” explained Assistant Director, Shauna Bzdel. 

The showcase featured acro performers and acro team performers, as well as solo, duo, and trio dancers. 

The Royal Canadian Army Cadets also made an appearance. 

“It was really great to see not only our dancers and our students taking pride in the community and doing things to help out, but to see other youth being involved, as well,” says Bzdel. “Because our food donations are always so big, it takes a big crew to get it all loaded up... In all honesty, I think this was the fastest time that food has ever been loaded into the vehicles.” 

Over the years, the Moose Jaw Food Bank has seen around 1600 lbs worth of food from the Dance for Hunger Showcase. 

Bzdel also talked about how important this was to the studio. 

“We’re family-oriented, we’re community-oriented, so, teaching our kids how fortunate they are to be dancing in the first place is something that’s really important... All of our kids, all of our dancers, are the future of our community. When we teach them to give back and be aware of what's going on, we’re going to have a stronger, healthier community as we grow.” 

Dance Images by BJ host their first competition of the year this weekend at the Centennial Auditorium, featuring 11 different studios from around the province.

For more details, see the Dance Images by BJ Facebook page.