Winter anglers are advised that the 2024 ice fishing season is nearing an end, with the deadline for removing ice fishing shelters fast approaching. 

On March 15 is the deadline for ice fishing shelters in Saskatchewan south of Highway 16 to be removed, with shelters in northern Saskatchewan to be taken off waterbodies by March 31. Shelters, their contents, and any litter must be taken away and not left on the shoreline.

Shelter owners are advised to take care to remove shelters while the ice is still safe. Awareness of slush, thermal cracks and pressure ridges as well as ice thickness should be taken into consideration to ensure safe travel on frozen bodies of water.

Avoiding the abandonment of ice fishing shelters is crucial to the safety and cleanliness of Saskatchewan lakes and rivers, abandoned shelters break and wash up on shorelines depositing litter and other debris. While submerged shelters result in hazards for boaters, water skiers, and those who wish to enjoy Saskatchewan's waterways in the summertime. 

Negligence on behalf of owners doesn't just harm outdoor environments in the province, it can land hefty fines, and structures and their contents can be confiscated.

Ice fishing shelters must be marked on the outside in legible letters of at least 2.5cm high displaying the owners complete name, address, and phone number. 

Ice fishing season closes on March 31 in southern and central Saskatchewan, with the northern ice fishing season coming to an end on April 15. 

For more information, check the Anglers Guide, which can be found online at